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Giochi per la mente
Sviluppatore AFEEL, INC.

A new match-4 puzzle game with unique gameplay and fun twists!"The anime graphics are endearing, the music is delightful, and the gameplay is a refreshing new take on a tried-and-true classic. This is definitely a game that shouldn’t be overlooked."
==================THE BLOCKS ARE MAD!==================Nut has awakened the blocks from their sleep.Abused by us gamers for far too long, now they seek to have their revenge!
==============SAVE YOURSELF!==============If it's colored, you can kill it. The same applies to these blocks too.Stack them together and blow them in pieces, while charging up super powers and using items!
=============SUPER POWERS=============By destroying a big enough number of blocks, you can activate a mighty Superpower that helps you in keeping your destruction going. Each of the six colored blocks give you a different power, so try them out!
====================CAREER AND UPGRADES====================You can upgrade nearly everything in your arsenal.Nut's Power Fist, the items and the Super Powers - You can upgrade them all, by spending coins gathered from the destroyed blocks. Keep those upgrades coming - otherwise you won't have a single chance on the highest difficulty.
========IN SHORT:========- Nice graphics you wouldn't expect from a puzzle game- Cute characters that melt your eyes- Well-balanced casual match-4 puzzle with a unique mechanic you have never seen- Useful Items and mighty superpowers to your disposal- Leaderboard and achievements